This is in follow up to my August 18-22, 2014 U.S. Golf Schools "all inclusive" school/instruction conducted at the Barona Resort &
Casino, Lakeside, California.  The instructors (Craig Frank & Greg Ciuffo) were very punctual, attentive, analyzed my long and short
game and endeavored to give sound feedback to aid in correcting a couple of observed swing flaws.  Craig provided swing video with
audio analysis for my review.  Greg was made aware of a swing flaw where my left wrist was breaking down before impact.  
He offered a great drill to address the left wrist issue by having me hit a 52 degree wedge 30, 60 & 90 yards -- something I now do at the
beginning of each practice session.  Additionally, Greg offered solid advice to address multiple situations from 100 yards in.  I hope to
take what I gained from my time at Barona and build on it toward a more solid swing.

Roy Best

Steve: Just a note to thank you for the enjoyable two days of golf instruction at Barona Resort and San Vicente Resort in San Diego.
We really felt we were starting at square one, and had to unlearn some bad habits, but it was worth it. You were patient and persistent
and we feel our games had improved significantly. We very much appreciated it and feel the investment was well worth it. All the best.

Stuart and Christie Whitley
North Vancouver, BC

Steve, I think the lessons you gave me finally cranked in.  I shot a 78 yesterday which is the best round I have ever shot.  
Even hit my fairway woods which you saw my ineptitude.   I appreciate your help. Hope your ego is not eternally destroyed.   

God is good.... Roll Tide
David Thomas

My father and I booked San Diego Golf Schools for a 3 day golf school. My father is a high handicapper and I am an average golfer. I
have to say we were incredibly pleased with this school. Not only with the improvements it made to both our games, but the
instruction by Steve Bean was second to none. I have had several lessons and none of which came close in comparison with the
instruction we both received. Steve is a very humble, helpful, motivating, and an excellent teacher as I am sure all of his teaching staff
members are. The package we received was well worth the money spent. The room and facilities were incredible and exceeded our
expectations. Once again I give this school a 5 out of 5. Throughly pleased and it took strokes off my game and my fathers game as

Bobby and Gerry Hinz from Canada

I wanted to personally thank you for organizing a great golf school this week at Barona Valley Ranch and Casino with Steve Bean.
This was my first golf school and it exceeded all my expectations. The pro, Steve Bean, has been great. I was very nervous prior to
attending but Steve put me at ease immediately.  The teaching format and curriculum has been insightful and most importantly,
performance based. I have increased my putting, short and long game 10x (at least). Steve's ability to explain the golf swing and
adjust my swing is a testament to his talent.  The use of video has also been helpful to not only 'feel' the golf swing but also see the
results of a swing -- the positive and negative. I am looking forward to my final day of school on Thursday and more importantly
taking my new skills and confidence back to SF to further my golf game. Thanks again for your help and Steve's expertise and

Up Date....
Steve I played my home course (Hardy Park) today in San Francisco. I shot 44 on the front and a 94 total. Thats 15 shots better
than my best score before coming to your San Diego golf school at Barona Resort. Thank you Steve.

Kimberly Raby - March 2012
San Francisco, CA

Steve We had a great time with Sean last week. It was a little hectic with six of us but Sean was great. Everyone thought we learned a
lot and it definitely gave the beginners some good practice points. Sean showed me one tip to improve club speed. I have been
practicing for the last week and am hitting the ball consistently higher and farther. We will definitely see you again.

Mark Weinriche
Orange County, California

Steve, Today was the best practice I've had since the golf school. When working on my new swing plane.
I hit my Driver, mid and low irons  really well. Thanks.
Up Date:   
Everything has worked out well.  Greatest improvement in my game has been the short game after working on
that nice loft lob shot within forty yards of the pin.  I'm getting a lot of compliments on my overall shot improvement thanks to you.

Willard in Moreno Valley, California

The Barona Golf School was an awesome experience. The facility and the golf instruction were second to none. Thanks so much for
all the personal attention you gave us. We will see you again next year in March. Sign us up now!

Dan & Janet

Both Betty and I had the best time. We will highly recommend your golf school to all our friends and members at the club.
You made it so easy to understand the changes that we needed to make  in order to become better golfers.
Thanks again

Ed and Betty

The golf school at Black Gold was great, Sean did a great job. He was very professional and made learning so easy.
Please tell him thanks.

Edward in the OC

coming from south east Texas, it was really nice to visit such a nice play like the Barona Casino Resort . The weather, the views
WOW. We have such a wonderful time.  We can't tell you how much we enjoy working with you on both the range as well as the golf

Alex and Rebecca

We had a great time. Steve, our teacher was fantastic - the best teacher we've ever had. The hotel and the golf course was
very nice too. We will highly recommend both the golf school as well as the Barona Golf Resort whenever we get a chance!

Brian Suhr in Guam USA

Scott Zanon (Nike Company)
Steve, Thank you again for the 3 day golf school at La Quinta.  I am starting to see some consistent results.  Kinda fun.
Up  Date:
Scott Zanon (Nike Company)
Hey Steve. I'm in Hawaii now. .... Have played three times and never hit the ball more consistent.  Can't putt to save my life, but hit
first nine greens today and was on average 12 feet away from pin .... So fun.  My keys are keeping my hands together, tempo, make a
full turn and finish every swing ala Couples.   Now when I  get that putting confidence down I could be really good.  Really enjoying
the fixes.

Scott  Zanon

Just wanted to tell you that Lydia and I had a very enjoyable experience at your 2 day golf school at Barona Resort in San Diego.
Our instructor, Fred was outstanding, even better than we had hoped for.  He was pleasant to be with and a great teacher.
We both felt we learned a lot and our golf games will be better because of the staff at San Diego Golf Schools.

Steve & Lydia Steinkamp
LA County

I was late getting to my lesson.  
My GPS unit led me to the wrong exit and I had not been there before.  Great start, I thought!  I bought a large bucket of balls and went
to the practice range where Steve was hitting some balls and waiting for me.  He could not have been more gracious in accepting my
apologies for being late. He asked me where I was at in terms of my swing and what I would like to get out of the lesson. I said that I
had recently been playing a little better after a year or more trying to recovering from my year long set of Golf Tec lessons, which
had set me, back $1100 and took me from about a 13.0 to my present 20.0 Handicap,
Never again . Steve had me hit a few shots and
then began by pointing out the strengths of my swing.  That really surprised me. In all of the years of off and on golf lessons, no
instructor had ever started by out pointing out my strengths! He said that I only needed some relatively minor adjustments and that I
had strong potential for playing much better golf than I had been. I soon learned that Steve Bean who has had 31 years of experience
teaching golf and has been associated with some terrific golf schools and famous instructors. I was not surprised.  His keen eye in
analyzing my swing and showing me corrections assured me right off and I knew I had come to the right place that was on Monday.
On Thursday I played and was even par through four holes with a birdie on the first.  I holed out an 8 iron on the 12th hole and shot
the lowest score I had shot in months! Steve gave me some great tips for practicing an improved swing and gave me confidence in my
swing that I hadn't’ had for a couple of years.  I hope this is just the beginning to a path with Steve to a greatly improved golf game.

Thanks again Bill Bosire

Steve: I made it home and can't wait to go play on Tuesday.  Thank you so much for all you taught me, your patience, watching
carefully everything I did on each swing like my grip, set up, etc.  Going over it over and over and getting it thru my thick scull in such
a nice way is so appreciated.  Also, thank you for believing in me that I could learn. I had no idea what to expect and only hoped for a
fraction of what I got.  You are an amazing teacher and this is the best choice I could have ever made  for learning to play golf.  I really
believe last Friday was my first real lesson and I will always remember this experience which you helped make wonderful for me.
Again, I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, determination to help me, and make me believe that with lots of practice I
will be able to play the game well.  

Joyce Kurtz
Orange County

My wife and I just got back from an awesome 3-day golf school at the Barona Casino & Golf Resort in San Diego. Our instructor,
Steve Bean, was the best! We both improved dramatically with his guidance. Steve's style was a good fit for both of us. He was
positive, attentive, and professional. We laughed, learned, improved and generally had a great time. The Barona Golf Resort was first
rate as well. The golf course, the hotel, and casino facilities were each a pleasure. We are looking forward to doing this all over again

Dennis & Molly Large
LA County

Recently we did a three day golf school in San Diego. Our instructor Greg Ciuffo was great. Greg is very knowledgeable about golf
techniques and fundamentals. He always tries his best to help you improve all segments of the game. Greg is very patient and
persistent to improve the weaker points in your game as well he gives you as much time as is needed to perfect your techniques for
improvement. Greg sincerely wants you to improve , he is very prompt, very precise and very pleasant to work with! Greg is an all &
all Good Instructor

Howard and Georgia Edwards
Student Comments